Contact Manager

Import and store your data in our secure Contact Manager.

Segment and profile the contacts into groups to help your more accurately target the data. Create custom messages for different group types; track and store response information and communication activities.

  • Import/Export Tools: Import contacts individually or by custom group.
  • Custom Groups: Create customer groups based on specific demographics.
  •  Filtering Data: Filter data using various methods to create customized target marketing lists.

Mobile Campaigns

Engage your target audience in a more personalized way using pre-built mobile campaigns.

Each campaign has been designed to enable you to connect with your customers in unique ways. Through using these campaigns you can gain actionable information to help you increase customer communication and retention.

Blast Campaign: The Blast campaign allows for customized text messages to be created and sent to large lists of individual or group contacts.

Keyword Campaign: A Keyword campaign allows for the creation of specific keywords that can be tied to a short-code. When a specific keyword is created and tied to a specific short-code it can trigger an instant message to be sent back to a mobile recipient.

Voting/Polling Campaign: Voting and/or polling campaigns enable the creation of a customized single voting or polling questions that are tied to multiple- choice answers. The voting or polling response data is tracked and stored in a downloadable report for viewing. The results of the vote or poll can be sent to participants following their selected choice.

Auto Responder Campaign: Auto Responder campaigns allow for customized drip marketing campaigns to be created and sent over specific time intervals. Follow up messages can be cued up in advance to be sent out at minute, hour, or day intervals.

Survey Campaign: Survey campaigns allow brands to deploy multi-question mobile surveys, which gather information from mobile users through a series of questions linked to multiple-choice answers. These campaigns are a very cost effective tool to stay in touch with your mobile audience and survey them on specific issues.

Text 2 Screen Campaign: Text 2 Screen campaigns allow users to send a text message response to a short code and have the message displayed on a large screen. It is typically used for large events like webinars, seminars, or conventions. The text message responses to specific moderator questions can be displayed in a scrolling ticker similar to news updates. The campaign also allows the event moderator to approve all messages before they are displayed on the large screen.

Text 2 Win/Contest or Sweepstakes Campaign: Text 2 Win campaigns make promotions and sweepstakes easy to host so you can focus on rewarding your customers. The campaign allows a winner to be selected at the end of the campaign or for a winner to be chosen from a specific opt-in number such as every 50th opt-in. The campaign will send each winner a customized message congratulating them, and also send non-winners a customized reply.


Message Templates

Use proven industry message templates to get better results from your messaging.

Sending the right message to your audience makes all the difference in how they respond. Using our experience we have created customized templates that get results. Use one of our proven templates to immediately connect with your audience.

Industry Based Templates:

Send the message that works best for your industry.

Custom Templates:

Create custom templates for your business.


Message Scheduler

Schedule messages days, weeks, or months in advance.

Timing is everything! Sending the right message at the right time can make all the difference. Use the Message Scheduler to ensure your message get delivered at the right time. Schedule messages to be delivered days, weeks, or months in advance.


Direct Reply

Enhance communication by turning a group message into multiple one-on-one conversations.

Communication is all about connecting with individuals one-on-one. Use the Direct Reply feature to turn your group messages into multiple one-on-one conversations.   The Direct Reply feature alerts you every time an individual customer responds to a message and enables you to reply directly to that customer.


Auto Triggers

Create automated business-critical communication triggers.

Automatically engage your contacts by creating automated communication triggers. These triggers can range from new customer welcome messages, lead alerts, customer activity alarms, sales notifications, and much more.

 Industry Based Triggers:

See what others in your industry are using.

 Create Custom Business Triggers:

Create your own business triggers to enable automated communication with your customers.


Reports & Analytics

Measure the success of your communication using reports and analytics.

Having access to actionable information is the only way to improve results. Measure the success of your communication instantly using reports and analytics.

 Report Examples

  • Subscriber Activity
  • Sent Messages
  • Message Replies
  • Response Trends

Short Codes & Keywords

Use carrier approved short codes for guaranteed delivery and unlimited keywords.

Lease your own short code or use one of our shared short codes. Each short code is approved by carriers for guaranteed delivery. Short codes come with unlimited keywords that can be used to create keyword driven campaigns.

  • Dedicated Short Codes
  • Shared Short Codes
  • Long Codes also available


Directly integrate applications via a robust API.

Use our robust API to connect your applications and allow them to send, receive, and track SMS messages real-time. Our API allows you to get up and running quickly regardless of the language your using.

  • Secure Data
  • Redundancy
  • API Sandbox

Global Coverage

Reach customers in over 200+ countries worldwide.

The Zip Lingo platform supports Unicode UTF-8 encoded texts, so you can send messages in any language.

  • Send messages anywhere in the world
  • Supports Unicode characters

Industry Compliance

Keep your communication in compliance with TCPA and MMA regulations.

We work to maintain integrity in the mobile messaging industry by helping our customers stay complaint with TCPA and MMA regulations.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Training & Support

Learn the most effective way to communicate your message through customized training and support.

Zip Lingo provides you with comprehensive assistance to help you communicate your message through customized training videos, and hotline support.

  • Training Webinars
  • How-To-Videos
  • 24/7 Support
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