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Today, customer engagement is more challenging than ever. Customers expect their interactions with your business to be personalized and relevant. They want an experience that demonstrates your awareness of their activities with your business.
Every customer wants to be treated as if they are your most important customer.

Intelligent Customer Engagement is the process of planning, implementing, automating, and optimizing touch points throughout the customer journey to drive a better overall customer experience.


Customer Engagement delivers incredible value in two specific categories.


1. It drives more efficient revenue growth.

2. Standardizes & improves the customer experience.


It’s critical for the survival of any business to drive revenue growth in the most efficient way possible. Intelligent Customer Engagement can empower your business to do just that with data-driven results. Stop relying on antiquated methods that require human interaction and start using automated intelligent processes to drive consistent results. 

Remember however, that revenue isn’t the only thing that matters. You want customers that love being your customers.  This platform can help you deliver a best in class customer experience. 


By implementing the right technology, you can spend less time worrying about your customer's experience and more time focusing on what you do best.





A Customer Engagement Platform is a platform that enables intelligent, orchestrated customer engagement activities to be built, automated, and sent in a way that delivers a set of predetermined outcomes. These messages are triggered based upon customer intelligence that is gathered from the activities these customers have with your organization.



Seamlessly integrates into your current Direct Sales CRM or Back-Office software through robust API.


Two-way API communication allows real-time updates on both ends.



Each customer has the ability to select their own preferences, in the Direct Sales CRM, back-office software or ZipLingo dashboard. These preferences will determine the priority and method of communication delivery.


The engagement dashboard allows unique campaigns to be built out.  These campaigns range from blast campaigns, keyword, autoresponders, and drip campaigns. 


Allows enterprise to send out individual or group messages via email, email-to-text, SMS, MMS, chat, App-to-App or other types of messaging. 


The engine automatically fires messages based on keyword triggers, tracks message delivery rates, and routes all reply traffic to the proper destinations.  



The system tracks all messages and any activities related to the messages and stores that data into an easy to understand reporting engine.  This allows for measuring success and optimizing campaigns on the fly.