Due to the rise of social media and smartphone usage, customers are redefining customer communication. Mobile messaging is becoming one of the most reliable ways to communicate personally with customers.
If a company wants to make it in today's digital world, they must use mobile messaging as part of their communication strategy.

SMS stands for short message service and is the most commonly used technology for mobile phone text messaging. Businesses around the globe rely on SMS Messaging as a primary means of customer communication. 



Did you know that today, 39% of business are using texting as part of their communication strategy? In fact, 60% of business using texting are using it for appointment/scheduling and reminders; 23% are using it for alerts and notifications; 21% are using it for customer service and support; 13% are using it for sales & inquiries; 11% are using it for billing and collections; and 9% of business are using it for marketing and promotions.  How can your business use texting to improve your customer experience?       



Consumers on average open 99% of SMS messages, read those messages within 3 minutes, and respond to those messages 45% of the time.  76% of consumers have received a text message from a business.  67% of consumers have stated that they would rather receive a text message from a company than a phone call or email. 





A Text Messaging Platform is a platform that enables text messages to be sent to an individual or a bulk list of customers. The platform can allow you to create specific customer campaigns for different business functions. The messages can be blasted out manually or automatically triggered based upon specific keywords. 



Seamlessly integrates into your current CRM or Back-Office software through robust API. Two- way API communication allows real-time updates on both ends.



Engage your target audience in a more personalized way using pre-built mobile campaigns. Each campaign has been designed to enable you to connect with your customers in unique ways. Through using these campaigns, you can gain actionable information to help you increase customer communication and retention.


Use proven industry message templates to get better results from your messaging. Sending the right message to your audience makes all the difference in how they respond. Using our experience, we have created customized templates that get results. Use one of our proven templates to immediately connect you’re your audience. 


Enhance communication by turning a group message into multiple one-on-one conversations. Communication is all about connecting with individuals one-on-one. Use the Direct Reply feature to turn your group messages into multiple one-on-one conversations. The Direct Reply feature alerts you every time an individual customer responds to a message and enables you to reply directly to that customer.


The system tracks all messages and any activities related to the messages and stores that data into an easy to understand reporting engine.  This allows for measuring success and optimizing campaigns on the fly.

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