Three questions your customers want you to ask them


If you want your small business to grow, you need to listen to your customers. Companies that lose touch with their consumer base quickly pay the price and small businesses can’t afford to make that mistake. What is it that your customers want? Here are a few questions your customers want you to ask to improve your business.

  1. What is my name? It may sound silly, but customers want to be remembered when accessing online services. They want their information and preferences saved for fast and convenient service. The future of customer service is becoming increasingly conversational. Customers reach out to brands across multiple channels of communication and expect them to respond. This Forbes article highlights a survey that found that 86% of respondents expect customer service agents to know about their previous interactions when switching from one channel to another. Our engagement platforms make it easy for your customers to save their preferences for quick and easy service.
  2. How can I reach you? The old days of calling a customer helpline during the standard nine to five hours of operation are long gone. Consumers expect to be able to reach businesses at any time of day and on a variety of platforms. Texting alerts are a new trend that is taking over the customer service world. Many customers enjoy automated text messages regarding sales, fraud alerts, and other information from their favorite businesses. We can help you set up this service so you can keep your customers informed.
  3. Who are you? Consumers are looking for ethically responsible and transparent companies. You need to communicate your company’s values and story. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a consistent social media presence. Engaging with your audience through social media is a crucial way to build your brand and showcase your business values. Our tools can help you stay on top of your messaging and keep your team up to date, so you can consistently showcase your businesses’ values.

It’s easier than ever to lose customers. The consumer attention span is shorter than ever. Pivoting your business to focus on meeting your customer’s needs and communicating clearly who you are and what you do, is key to successful customer service.

We offer solutions through our engagement platform and the TeamLink app to help your team deliver the best customer service. Using our tools, you can make your customers feel valued and show what it is that makes your company so unique. The more you make your customers feel valued and heard, the more brand loyalty you will develop. Start using our tools today!

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