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Back Office

State of the art to manage contacts and messages.



Integrations with automation into any platform.


Mobile Tools

To reach your contacts anywhere in the world.


Direct SMS
Send, receive, and track mobile messages anywhere in the world.

Interactive MMS
Interactive with customers through pictures, videos, and audio messages.

Local SMS
Deliver text messages from a familiar area code.

Toll-Free SMS
Send text messages from any toll-free number you own.

Email SMS
Send and deliver mobile messages through an email gateway.


Contact Manger
Import, store, find, and track customer information and communication activities.

Mobile Campaigns
Engage target audience in a more personalized way using pre-built mobile campaigns.

Industry Templates
Use proven industry message templates to get better results from your messaging.

Message Scheduler
Schedule messages days, weeks, or months in advance.

Much, Much More…
Direct Reply, Auto Triggers, Reports & Analytics, Short Codes & Keywords, Integration, Global Coverage, Industry Compliance, Training & Support


Direct Sales
Integrate the Zip Lingo mobile marketing system into your overall marketing strategy and connect and communicate like never before.

Make your life simpler while really making your message standout with messages your customers can’t miss!

Corporate Marketing/Advertising
Attract the right kind of attention with faster, easier, more affordable, and more effective campaigns.

Help your clients communicate more effectively with their customers using our white label solution.

Let’s talk about what’s on your marketing mind. We can help.

Take your first step toward marketing at the speed of ZipLingo. Sign up today—or contact us to request a no-obligation professional consultation.

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