Are your distributors motivated?


In the world of direct sales, distributor motivation is the key to long term business success. If your distribution team isn’t motivated to sell, you’re not going to make a profit. But it can be challenging to keep your team excited, especially during COVID-19 when everyone is scrambling to stay afloat.

We want to share a few suggestions that can help, especially when used with our TeamLink mobile app.

  • Develop a personal relationship with your distribution team. Many direct sales businesses are worldwide or remote. It can be challenging to get to know your team via email or the occasional Zoom call. Using the TeamLink app’s chat feature, you can quickly check in daily with your team as a group or one on one. Using this tool regularly to check-in and encourage your team will help you understand their struggles and share in their victories.
  • Give your team proper support. The easiest way to lose new distributors fast is to leave them without help. Taking on a new sales role can be overwhelming. Distributors must learn the company products and business plan while learning how to sell effectively. It’s a lot to do at once. That’s why sharing back-office resources with the TeamLink app is so important. If one of your teammates is struggling with a concept, send training materials right from your phone. If you need to pull up sales figures to discuss, it’s all right there. Don’t miss a beat or a sale.
  • Teach them how to sell. A dedicated salesperson is always looking for the next lead. If you want your team to learn to take advantage of every sales opportunity, they need to feel that they have the tools to close a sale. The TeamLink app has everything they will need to share with a potential client via text, chat, or email. You don’t have to worry about losing a hot lead because you aren’t at the office. Take advantage of every sales opportunity because you’ll have all the tools you need on your phone.
  • Track progress. The distributor journey can be long and hard. A smart team leader knows this and stays on top of each distributor’s progress. We make it even easier to see how your team is progressing. Using the engagement platform, you can monitor each of your distributor’s business growth.

Many people think that sales are easy, but as anyone in sales can tell you, it’s not. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work to sell. Our solutions make it easier to encourage your team, keep them motivated, and help them find the right way to sell your products and services. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll set you up with the tools for your sales team to thrive.

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