Ziplingo Platform
Real-Time Engagement

The best communication with the field is the right message at the right time, delivered through the right channel. ​Introducing Ziplingo, the power behind direct selling communication.

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Build Custom Campaigns

Easily build marketing campaigns that maximize engagement and increase revenue, all powered by back office data.


Insert personalized customer and distributor merge fields from your back office right into the campaign.

Marketing Automation

Automatically trigger campaigns based on customer and distributor behavior.

Example: Abandon cart, new order, custom signup, rep enrollment, commission earned, rank advancements and more...

List Segmentation

No more exporting and importing data files to send out corporate messages. Use filters to segment your back office data instantly.

Omnichannel Reach

Send messages through Email, SMS, PushNotifications, Chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram and more.

Tier 1
Delivery Network

We use tier 1 aggregators to ensure
reliable message delivery rates and
cost effective pricing.

Data Reporting

Gain insights into what’s really working
and find opporutnities for optimization.

Back Office Integrations

Leverage your back office data like never before through a seamless integration. Use real time and historical data to trigger meaningful campaigns and timely alerts.

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