Don’t be a traveling salesperson, use the TeamLink app!


In the days of the traveling salesperson, you had to carry samples of all your products with you. Or worse, a catalog of what your business sold. Using these tools, you had to describe the product to a potential customer, get their information and then arrange the sale at a later date. It was a slow, arduous process that more often than not, fell apart. You were out on the road entirely alone with only the tools you had to attempt to make sales and build up your distributor list.

Direct sales have changed. Digital tools have made it easier than ever to take your business with you anywhere. Instead of showcasing your products and trying to set up a sale for later, you can arrange the whole transaction in one interaction.

The TeamLink Mobile app is the tool you need to make this happen. From your mobile device, you can arrange everything you need to take your business with you anywhere. It includes:

  • Back-Office sign-on: Integrate all of your company’s software into the app. You can sign up members, process sales and even find customer histories. You are no longer alone on the road. Now you have the full resources of your company at your disposal.
  • Instant Global Communication: Customers are coming to you from around the world now. TeamLink allows you to connect with your team and customers no matter where they are. You can send out push notifications for upcoming events, promotions and new products. It’s a simple way to communicate with your entire base from the palm of your hand.
  • Share your sales tools. The days of the business card and catalog are dying out. No more emailing attachments, mailing out flyers or holding conventions to pass out sales information to your distribution team. Share tools such as pdfs, videos and more that will help drive sales from your phone.

In the past few months, we’ve seen an explosion of change in the direct sales market. Distributors are more reliant on digital sales methods than ever before, and customers want immediate access to products and services digitally. With the TeamLink mobile app, you can provide your team with the solutions to improve their sales, interact with distributors digitally and manage digital sales. The days of the traveling salesperson are over. You don’t need to go door to door with your product case and catalog in hand. All you need is the TeamLink app installed on your phone to keep your business moving. Sign up today.

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